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hum dee dum
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
22 year-old Veterinary Medicine student in Universitas Gadjah Mada who procrastinates from reports with art.
Also a *cough* fujoshi.

Lots of doodles will be posted at my FB page and Instagram ovo


EF::Ragnar by yukinayee

For :iconevigilare-faciatis:
tq for not making me draw 2 fullbodies

Name: Ragnar Chen
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: 169cm / 5 ft 6 in
Weight: 66kg /145 lbs
Dreamkeeper: Bracelet (full ref, tell me if i cant cover it with the arm guard, i'll change it to a necklace)
Weapon: Dual Scimitar

Brief Background: He's from a rather normal family, he supposes, except for the fact that his father's a well known Dreamcatcher. Everyone's been saying things along the lines of 'Oh, surely his kids will inherit his amazing talent and prowess!'' and ''It's a shame that his eldest daughter chose to be a historian instead.''. Well. So yes. Here he is at the academy. What talent??? He has no idea if he's cut out for this, and he'd love to rebel his way out of this, but.... expectations from his parents.. He felt like he shouldn't let them down. That he has to prove himself to his father. So here he is.

Personality: A little hot headed, he sometimes let his emotions(mostly anger) get the better of him. Although he kinda regrets about that afterwards, he's too stuborn to apologise. Kinda gives of a stern vibe, as he's rather self disciplined and responsible, so he can't stand the type of people that always goof off. Sometime appears to be smug or cocky/putting up a brave front, but in actual he has no idea what he's doing. Though he will always be there to help for a friend in need, and is very sympathetic, caring and helpful at these times. Quite pessimistic, especially regarding himself, he's always questioning his self worth. He also holds grudges easily when wronged by others.

+ Aknowledgement 
+ His mother's cooking
+ Rainy days
+ Praises
+ Being in leadership roles
+ Dogs
+ Doing things according to a plan

- Reptiles (such as snakes and lizards)
- Swimming (he almost drowned before so it's kinda a phobia rn)
- Other people disregarding his opinion
- Being ignored
- Being wrong about something
- Weak people
- Being weak
- Dishonesty
- Papaya

+ Responsible
+ Caring
+ Practical
+ Fast learner
+ Resilient
+ Ambidextrous 
+ Honest

- Short tempered
- Pessimistic 
- Stuborn
- Bad sense of direction
- Bad at things that depends on luck
- Not spontaneous 

Words / phrases you would relate to them: cloudy sky, meat stew, warm blankets on a cold day, candle lights, a glass of warm water.

From Crystaliron
- 1 elder sister, 3 younger siblings, yeh.
- He just kinda wants his father's aknowledgement.
- Learnt the basics of dual blade
- His fighting style is kinda showy, since there alot of flipping the swords around
- Twirls and flips things around with his hand when he's bored
Be a Light in This World by yukinayee
Be a Light in This World
Be the white, white light.

Holycrap I havent updated here in ages. I'm more active on my FB page
If you've been following me on insta or tumblr or FB you'd know I am nuts over this sweet potato of a Shepherd here o)--<
MA: Kleitos Chen by yukinayee
MA: Kleitos Chen
Name: Kleitos Chen Hui Jin
Faction: Acedia
Nephesh: Bird Locket (full ref)

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 60kg
Nationality: Malaysian


2nd youngest in a family of mixed parentage (Indian and Chinese), he's the quiet one amongst his more lively and athletic siblings. He used to be frail and sickly as a child, though now he only gets athsma attacks ocassionally. Sometimes mistaken as a girl when he was younger, bullies tried targetting him due to this, though they gave up pretty quickly when his older brother beats them up intervenes. A fresh high school graduate, he had just finish sitting for SPM(final highschool assesment thingy for furthering into tertiery education) and  is now waiting for his results. By chance he met with a certain someone at a bus stop, on his way to a bookstore. Being swept up in his pace, one thing led to another and they actually started going out. It's still kinda confusing right now, but its just his life kinda picking up the pace, he supposes.

It seems like fate has other plans in store though.


He's quiet, doesn't have much to say, and shies away from socialising if he could, which is mostly due to the fact that he finds it difficult to put his thoughts into words. And it doesn't help that he finds it a hassle to voice out his opinion. Though he wouldnt avoid tallking to someone if they started talking to him. Even when he's uncomfortable with the way someone is treating him or something along that line, he prefers to quietly endure it than say something about it. He hates direct confrontations. Those that do manage to get close to him will find him as a quiet supportive friend who's always there to listen to their problems. If he's not reading, he'll be lost in his thoughts. He has this bad habit of going around in circles in his head, overthinking and overanalysing things or situations. Not a person for leadership roles, he prefers to stay in the background, unnoticed. A bookworm thorough and through, there's always a book on him 24/7, you can probably bribe him to do something with a new book or something.


Large hardcover book (ref)


Paper Manipulation
  • Able to generate more paper from an available source(basically duplicating, only those he has touched), unable to create paper on his own.
  • Able to compress, harden, sharpen and otherwise manipulate paper

  • Able to form a wall, enough to cover one person(himself) in Deus form, it may be spread out to defend more people but durability will be significantly lower. 

  • Throwing the book /okno
  • he's mostly a long ranged attacker, since he has next to none close ranged combat knowledge
  • Paper cuts with a flurry of hardened paper, or compressing small/moderate amount of paper into 4-6 small, flying paper blades (8-10 in Daemon)
  • Able to generate a small paper storm/vortex to restrict vision and damage targets caught in them(only in Daemon form and only be used once or twice in a battle. Size dependent on % of Daemon powers obtained)


+ His powers are definitely weak againsts fire lol, and to a certain extent water too.
+ Really bad at socialising 
+ Stubborn 
+ Physically weak
+ Easily overthink things


+ Patient
+ Forgiving
+ Able to persevere in unfavorable situations if he wants to


+ Although he's bad at talking/socialising, he's okay with doing presentations and the likes.
+ He doesn't do eyecontact. Ever.
+ Hides his face behind a book, or his hands if he's embarrassed. 
+ He's allergic to seafood, dustmites, and some food colourings/preservatives.
+ Sometimes when he overthink things, he winds himself up so much that he has stomachaches out of anxiety
+ He pretty much reads a broad range of genre, has a softspot for fantasy though.
+ Able to finish a few books in a day or two, if left alone.
+ He dislikes cutting his hair (he had to get special permit to leave his hair long in school)
+ He has 3 older siblings, and one younger sister
+ His father(chinese) is a police chief.

Terms of Agreement:
I hereby agree that my character is an active part of the story and will accept any changes that will happen to him/her/them given that said changes were objectively designated by the admins.
AI | Felix Zaharin by yukinayee
AI | Felix Zaharin
ksdaerdfg stabs self im sorry this took ages

Name: Felix Zaharin
Gender: Male 
Race: Nephilim 
Age: 28
Height: 172

Travelling Scholar
Social Status:


Strength: [5/25] 
Agility: [7 /25] 
Mental health: [7/25] 
Intelligence: [12/25] 
Magic Usage: [4 /25] 
HP:  [70] 



Enthuasiastic | Articulate | Impulsive | Dishonest | Flexible 

Felix is pretty much enthusiastic about things that catches his interest, from reading a book he just got or exploring a new location. Just give him a book about a new magic theory and watch him go gaga. He enjoys socializing with people, having a way with his words, though most of the time, people should really take in what he says with a grain of salt, as he has an incurable habit of twisting facts and stories into tall tales that seem pretty convincing. No one knows why he does it. Probably just for kicks.

His impulsive nature has lead him into hot soup and weird situations enough times, on top of a few bad life decisions, but apparently it is still not enough for him to reflect on it. A flexible guy, he is able to easily adapt to the situation he is currently in, though he is not the type to make decisions for a group, preferring to just go with the flow and not take charge. He’s a person who doesn’t really divulge what’s on his mind, much preferring to keep his emotions bottled up and puts up a front, even if it is towards close friends and family alike.

Brief History:
Having a huge interest in Magic ever since he could remember, he would pore over the what little books about magic that he could find in the local library with his little brother. It was pretty obvious then that  he would aim to study in a Magic Institute. The first time he announced that wish to his family, he made his mother faint, as they were but a family with an average income after all. Though by the end of his first year enrolling there, it became apparent that he has real difficulty in actually performing most magic spells, no matter how much he studies about them. Severely bummed out by these turns of events, he immediately drops out from said institute without saying anything else, much to his parent’s furious rage ‘cause school fees ain’t cheap man, and instead he took up to studying about history and archeology. He started travelling around a lot when he was 21 years old, in an effort to study and observe various places with his own eyes. Unlike most scholars, he probably doesn’t really have a good reputation, probably because he likes to add in a load of nonsense in his facts. 

+ Persuasive with words (somewhat)
+ Fast learner (except for magic)
+ Able to keep calm even in dire situations
+ Quick on his feet
+ Observant
+ Optimistic

+ Short attention span if it's not something of interest
+ Low affinity to Magic (magic is just not his thing)
+ Stubborn
+ Emotionally distant to most people
+ Scared of birds hgdghjgk
+ Forgetful about his daily needs(aka he can forget to eat at times)

Aha, reason why I've been not using Deviantart much is cause my gallery is in a mess, yeesh. Well i finally took the time to straighten it up, still kind of messy, but its bearable now haha.

I don't have the time to reply all the comments I've gotten ever since i started to neglect my inbox, but I've read every single one of them, thank you for the kind comments. ;;7;;/

Also i would appreciate it if y'all havent yet, to follow me on other social media platforms heh. owo/

Facebook page:…
SouRin Ask blog:

Also is anyone else in the sword boy hell that is Touken Ranbu www-

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